About Us

A collective group of inspired composers, musicians & artistes making and sharing music to inspire a better world

About Us
  • Produce and share music that moves people
  • Develop a music platform for composers, musicians and aspiring artistes to produce, distribute and monetise their music
  • Provide assistance and support for independent composers, musicians and aspiring artistes to produce original works
  • Build a culture of respect, fairness and inclusivity for the independent music circle and artistes not represented by any music label
  • Promote an ecosystem of mentoring and developing music talent that is sustainable and forward-giving for the long run
About Us
About Us
Giving Back

We believe in nurturing a culture of giving back by sharing our time, talent and resources to develop the independent music industry. Our passionate team of inspired music professionals count on the support of our believers to continue doing what we do best – making inspired music for all. You can help us keep our dream alive by supporting us with a gift of any amount. Alternatively, gift our music to others and help share our music with those you love.


Nurturing a sustainable ecosystem for local music talents